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Chapter 1: The Beginning
Where it all started .
The Bedroom! No this isn’t a story of how I came to life! This is a story about the birth of the DJ life! Growing up I had a home stereo system with dual cassette tape players / recorders . I would stay up at night to tape Q102 club nights . Then I would go through tapes to make the best mix tapes ! I also remember spending time at my childhood best friend John Epley house . I remember his neighbor Shane giving us some tapes ! Great music . Fun fact the first cd I got was Snoop Dog - Doggystyle from my older brother Jimmy. Soon I would first learn about these CD burners coming out! Wow! You could make your own cds!  No way. I had to have one! So I sold all my beloved wrestling figures and stuff . I am sure my parents helped me cause the thing had to be 1000$ ! Soon I was selling cds in high school !! High School years is when I saw my first djs in person - first Ron Strauss DJing at Delsea , then soon we would go to the infamous Milkbar. This is when I first said wow DJing looks awesome and I love music . Some how I was able to get my first DJ setup which I thought at the time was a million dollar setup ! I can’t truly remember when my first gig was ! Then it was off to college .

Chapter 2: Kutztown DJ
Chapter 2 of the DJ life sees me off to Kutztown University. Again I needed to reinvent myself since I knew no one here!  I remember having my mom take me to Sam’s Club for food , drinks and the all very important to my college study BLANK CDS! I’d have bundles of them . It wasn’t long till I was selling mix cds at my college. Once I built up my name some I brought my DJ equipment to college where I was able to DJ a few frat parties and eventually get one my first huge stage platform - DJing open sets for DJ Skribble of MTV at Kutztown . College life flew by I’d soon find myself back home in NJ .

Chapter 3 : Return to NJ
Welcome back to NJ. Once again I was having to rebuild my name . But now I was also trying to push to get into clubs and bars . Early on I did land some bars and clubs . I started to grow connections . At some point around this time I did DJ in Myrtle Beach . Then I found a crew who was interested in throwing parties . I might some friends who owned the crew “I love”

Chapter 4: I love
This could be one of the biggest chapters to my DJ life. I met the I Love Roadhead crew and it was time to party ! And o boy did we throw some of the biggest parties. Even when Rachel wanted to fight in my DJ booth and still to this day the only DJ equipment I had broken from a fight , definitely still a good party ! I made so many connections - DJed all over philly - many colleges , bars , clubs ! What a ride it was! I’d say around this time my first business partner also came into the picture . Craig , DJ DOC C . RIP to the legend !

Chapter 5: Early years of Mobile DJ
As we all got older and I was about to be a Dad, the night life took a back seat and so did DJ life for alittle bit. I once again was looking to rebuild my brand. It was around this time I wanted to join with one of the biggest DJ companies in my area . I thought this would be a huge move for me and I could learn off them .

Chapter 6: The moment that drove me!
The Ugly. LETS GET INTO IT!! Before I move on I am not allowed to say this companies name , twice I’ve been contacted by their legal team. They are still very much in business - if you want to know .. message me. So I was accepted into this company . From the start it was great ! I was making money , they made money off me . All was good . As I made them more and more money vs them giving me gigs is when things went down hill . I asked the owner not to be cut so much for events I brought to his company . Many different excuses but basically no you work for me . When I finally decided to leave - he told me I would never make it on my own and how would wedding clients listen to a guy who stutters . That day currently was about 16 years ago - I knew nothing about DJing a wedding but I said one day I’ll show this clown !

Chapter 7: Time to build me !
I was free and on my own . The early life of true mobile DJing has started . I was getting more and more gigs . I was pushing to make something of this mobile DJ business. Around this time a friend I knew from high school contacts me about DJing an event for his family . So I do , he was into the Dj stuff , dancing , music . And this is how I met Chris.

Chapter 8: Chris
- LETS GET INTO IT!!!! Many of you may or may not know the story . I’ll try to be as clear as I can . Chris and I decided to join together. We done many many events together. I was established with connections- I brought him into what I had started building . We finally decided to get a company name . I remember sitting with Beth and Chris on the phone - we went over many ideas and Beth said Absolute. Absolute Entertainment was born . Chris and I had some great times , and at times we clashed like any good business partners would . Around the end of 2019 is when he first hinted about moving to SC. Never once did we sit down like men and talk things over . We didn’t share any equipment besides co-owing our photo booth . I paid him half of everything he wanted on the photo booth to make sure I owned half . It was his decision to build one. When Chris knew he was moving he sent me a text to tell me this - then asked me to “buy him out” of the company! This was complete shock cause I was ready to help him build things in SC. I could contact a few people and get him going to running 2 sides of the company , plus giving him an offer for any NJ gigs he booked . But when he told me his “buy out” plans and I said no to them - that is when things drastically changed for us! First he locked me out of our website ! A website I mostly built for us ! Then he basically stole a photo booth I half owned ! I thought this was a really dumb idea since his own brother was making good side money working it and I could have made him more money ! There was no need for a “buy out” - lets be honest when we look at who booked more events ! And let’s be honest I took him on to something I already had built ! I decided to keep the name the same just add the AENJ so people knew it was me . I thought about a name change but a name is too important to a company it takes years to establish a name and logo . Around Oct / Nov 2019 was the last time I spoke to Chris .

Chapter 9 : Beth
Beth and I “officially” met through Chris talking to her .. it was around the time of a class reunion . Then at the time we were DJing at the Race Track Cafe in Riverside NJ . She came out to many gigs we had there . It’s definitely important as a business owner to have your support team and Beth has been that many times . If I’m busy with a long day gig it’s also important to have someone handle home life , Pets and kids . Beth is credited for the name of the company - Absolute Entertainment

Chapter 10: My current Team
Current team is mostly JJ & Ryan . I met Ryan when I asked him to MC with me in Clayton and I met JJ at Massos . Both have become major parts of Absolute Entertainment over the many years. Since the end of 2019 we have added on many DJs and companies who we continue to work with !

Chapter 11: The Now / The Future
I was very excited for 2020! I was finally free to do anything I wanted . Then as we know Covid took over . 2020 and 2021 were both hard years to see any growth since many gigs were cancelled or moved . In these years it was more important to me to take care of the clients I had rather then see growth . 2022 I set goals and about 5 1/2 months in I shattered them goals - I’d say HUGE accomplishment!  We continue to grow and really look forward to what the future will bring us !!


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