Hailing from the east coast - DJ DOUGIE was born and raised in New Jersey. The passion for music  started at a very younge age with making mix tapes in his bedroom which then led to making mix cds. The passion for DJin started in 1999 but really took off in his many years at Kutztown University. Dj Dougie has took control  of many parties and events over the tri-state area. His style of music mirrors his passion for music - many styles and tastes which makes his perfect for any event. Dj Dougie credits many people for his career such as Dj Am, Dj Doc C and current business partner Dj V

DJ DOUGIE has been in the DJ business for over 13 years. Started off with doing small school dances and parties, moved on to college frats and bigger events, currently gears his business towards any party, any bar or any club.